Frequently Asked

How is Visual Impact different from other landscapers?
We pride ourselves on our consultative approach. Our goal is to provide a combination of beauty and functionality, inspired by your space and lifestyle. In addition, Visual Impact provides comprehensive landscaping services, from concept to completion.

How long does it take?
Every project is different. It depends on the scope of the project, weather, seasonality and planning process. Once we commit to a time frame, we guarantee you won't be left waiting while we go and finish other projects.

What happens during the first on-site visit?
We listen to your needs and expectations, answer questions, and share our thoughts and ideas as well. Plus we'll take a close look at your site and gain insight into your lifestyle. The first step is to put you at ease - landscaping should be a enjoyable process, not a stressful one.

Is there a fee for the first consultation?
No. The first on-site visit and consultation are free.

Do I need a design? I already know what I want.
We treat every customer and project individually. Some projects require very little or no design work - others need more.

Will I be involved in the planning and building process?
Yes, as often and as much as you'd like to be. We welcome ongoing consultation with all of our customer

How much does it cost?
Every project is different. It's important to have a full understanding of budgets up front before we begin, and rest assured we will work within your budget parameters.